Clothing and hair questions

Hello all! I’m currently going through every cloth and hair tutorial I can find, learning everything I can, and of course trying everything so I have the knowledge. My goal with this is still pics, not animation. My idea was to set up my human models with cloth objects and hair particles, pose the models, and I hoped the cloth and hair would adjust to gravity automatically for the single frame. One of the tutorials I read explained that in order to get a still shot with physics hair and cloth, you need to animate the physics until you get to the frame you want, then render that frame.

What I’m wondering is…is there a more time efficient way to force hair and cloth physics in a still, without animating a bunch of frames? Is this something where I either animate, or I do it manually with armatures and weight painting? I’m finding out that animating cloth and hair with my hardware is very time-consuming and was hoping for a faster method. Any ideas? Thanks again!

Unfortunately there is no perfect fix for this one. However there are a few shortcuts you can take:

  1. Model the cloth/hair into roughly the right location/shape.

  2. Keep the poly count right down and do a cloth sim at this point. It will be inaccurate but get you roughly where you want to be. Convert to a mesh and fix any glaring errors now.

  3. Add more mesh density and repeat.

However, for a still image, you might be better off to just model using a nurbs surface, as it can give good cloth looking results with a minimum of control points.


Thanks for the ideas! I will have to play around a bit and see what I come up with. Not a lot of experience with nurbs in blender so this is a perfect chance to learn more.

Hair also has a brush tool that can be a lot of help.