Clothing Changing Help

How can I change hats and shirts at the same time without neither going away? Menu_Selection_Help[Hats&Shirt].blend (595 KB)

Have you tried replace mesh?

No I haven’t but if I did how would I still have buttons switch it back to another object?

Set two replace meshes to one sensor. So like when you press C for clothing change, it’d alternate between them. Or you can use visibility on and off which is easier probably. Meaning you have two clothes parented to you, and you’d switch which is visible and which isn’t. Both ways should work.

That’s what I have is the visibility sensors in my blend file, but I still would like for one of my shirts and one of my hats to show at the same time on my character.

the messages are named the same. going through and changing all the shirt related ones to a subject of ‘deactivate_shirt’ or similar should resolve it?


Menu_Selection_Hats&Shirt.blend (495 KB)

Ah sweet it worked! Now if I wanted to do the same thing for pants or glasses I could just put in Activate_pants, Deactivate_pants. Thanks, saeblundr.

Sorry that I’ve probably made you all think that I was finished but I do have three more questions to ask. I’m hoping they’ll be the last questions I ask! Because I’m trying to make this as interestingly functional as I can, that and it’s been rarely asked by any one else here at BA.

1.What if I wanted to change to a different gender or body-type, like, how would I get it to where I have my currently activated clothes to swap to the different clothes that’re made just for that body-type or gender?

  1. After I’m through designing my character, ready to play the game, how do I import him/her from the character creation into a different scene along with their clothes still applied?

  2. Along with number 2 above, since the character will of course have controls on them how can I have it where in the character creation screen the controls are deactivated but once they’re in story mode or multiplayer the controls will activate?

  3. How would I make it to where once I played the game and got ready to change my character’s style differently how can I go back to edit him and continue on where the game’s progress is left at? In other words: made my character, played as he/she is for a while, change him/her up differently, go back to playing.

Anyways I’ve thought to move this thread up after two weeks of waiting for replies, since I know BA here recently has been getting a lot of threads in the section that I’m in now, so I wanted others to go ahead and get answers on there questions. Anyways, speaking of questions, I added some more up above that you all will probably notice!

#3 - ‘controller states’
You place all your logic in states, then you select a blank state as your ‘initial’ (or initialise it to that state on load of the dressing room scene)

#2 - do you know much python? you could do a very simple write to the global dictionary, then on start of a game scene load from the dictionary the name / index of the clothes…

  1. Well I know little of python and by little I mean like going in and editing others scripts :frowning: I’ve never really made my own from scratch. The only thing I’ve messed around with the global dictionary is the save/load scripts. You wouldn’t care to show me and everyone else would you? I hear everyone else talked about the function of using globalDict for player selection and to import objects from other scenes but never in action or even an example of a script setup like it, also, so then I could know about this in the future in case I wanted to make a racing game, fighting game, etc.

I have been thinking of creating a small demo / pdf … we’ll see.
There should be some usage examples in this forum somewhere… and always has the documentation for it…