Clothing issues

My pelvis shield comes in. how to solve this ??

Please dont create duplicate threads. I’ve deleted the one in #support:particles-and-physics-simulations

You can use the mask modifier to hide the parts of the body, which are covered by the clothing.

Does not worked.Do you have any other ideas ?

Do you have any ideas :slight_smile:

The part of the body that is underneath the cloths are usually deleted. Create a backup of the base mesh in case you want to go back to it.

But why? İs there any thing else I can do ?

Because there is no reason for it to be there. Character artists often have base meshes when making the character to restrict them when dressing, and adding utilities, and features on the character in order to keep it realistic. But there is no practical reason to keep the underlying mesh when animating and rendering.

So you wanna say it is not possible to solve this? I have seen a lot of game which adds this part of shield . Then how are they do it ?

There are other ways to solve it… but what im telling you is the correct way to do it. Dont give yourself more work than necessary. Copy the body, put it on a backup layer, then delete the mesh that you wont see.

well.I did it

Hey !! I want ask something.Can i extrude from a skeletal mesh a glove ? And if i do it will i catch problems ?

yes, duplicate and inflate.

İnflate??? Hearing first time . Can you explain this please ?



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undestood.Thank you for your help :)))))

But i still want to know.Can you give me a little hint or idea to solve this shield crash ?

What shield?

Second pic. Pelvis side

Do you mean the skin that is poking through?