Clothing Models in it Possible?

For those of you who have read my posts, i’m somewhat of a n00b to Blendah…I got lotsa questions…like, is it possible to model a nude figure, then clothe it with dynamic clothing or something? This is something I’m dying to know.

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Not really, not yet anyway…

This summer I plan to code a clothing simulator into blender. (Because I want what the same thing you do.)

The other alternative is to place clothes around the body, then parent them to the armature. It’s not perfect, but it’s how 95% of all 3D clothing is done in games, etc. and on programs like Jimmy Neutron, etc.

Have you taken a look at BF blender lately, softbodies is really becoming useable, once they add collision detection, we will be able to simulate clothes etc, there is already a wind effect . :smiley:

Look under “Testing Builds” here :

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi !

I have read some topics speaking about softbodies, but I haven’t understood what it does exactly.

I am not a programmer at all, and I’m not able to make a script for this feature, but I think that a script could be done (maybe it is already done, by softbodies or other scripts, and I do not know) parenting each vertice of the cloth mesh to the closest vertice of the animated body mesh.

In the same way that a mesh can be automatically parented to an armature, with the closest bone function.

It could need a lot of computing power, but the animation, would be very accurate parenting vertices to vertices.

An influence slider could be added in order to let some freedom in animation, allowing the complementary use of hooks for wind or gravity effects…

Is there something like that in progress ?


For basic conforming clothes without clothing simulation, you can create nude bodies and model clothes from them. I made my own all Blender models and then their clothes with good results, I hope you don’t mind an image:
(Old work in progress of this model)

I wrote a tutorial on the subject and a python script to help, it might help you. If it is unclear, please ask:

Hi Toloban !

Interesting tutorials and nice pictures.

I’ll try your scripts as soon as I’ll have a decent character to cloth and animate.

I think that you did something very close to what I was looking for !

Thanks for sharing ! :smiley:


Hey could you make empty based hooks on the cloth and vertex parent them to the underlying mesh?

Hmmm - Something to try next time I fire up Blender!