Clothing Movement using other means but "Clothing Modifier"

well, seems to be the only place in the internet that can help me out, you see i have this low poly count model i would like to have a skirt and already tried Clothing Modifier, it sucks when the density of polygons is not high enough and the movement of the “clothing” is not that good meaning i have to use other ways, i tried to do it via Bones but i can’t find quite exactly how to make bones detect the gravity (thus behaving like actual clothing) or detecting collision against objects or other bones. As i said, Clothing Modifier is of no use to me, so i tried again with NURBS and Curves and vertex weight along modifiers but i bet all my bucks i’m not doing it right, is there any alternative to Cloth Modifier so i can somehow simulate the skirt’s movement even if i have to do it manually like controling it via curves? i don’t want to use a high poly count model for two reasons 1.- is my video card suck and 2.- the style of the animation is oriented at old school style, any suggestions?