Clothing Rigged Characters

Hello Everyone,
I’m a new user on BlenderArtists Forum.
So, my question is: Is it possible to use the cloth simulator on a rigged character, for making chlothes to move and distort with the character’s movement?
I’v tried a couple of times, setting the body mesh to be the colider… and tested also with soft body on the clothes … but it doesn’t work. The clothes fall down like if there’s no colider…
What am I missing here?
Thanks for helping the newbie here.

Yes, it’s very possible. From your description, it sounds like you need to link your clothing mesh(es) to your armature in some fashion, so it will move with the body (collision alone will not make this happen), and probably also set up some parts of the cloth meshes for “pinning,” so the pinned parts don’t move like cloth (beltlines are an example).

Example: The setup I use in my Kata project (link in my sig) has the pants made a child of the main armature, specifically the Pelvis Bone, since they are hiphuggers of a sort. The green beltline & “bikini” part of the pants mesh is fully pinned, so it doesn’t act like cloth at all and moves with the figure. Parts of the bikini are weighted to respond to changes the armature makes to the hips area. The leg of the pants has a slightly graduated pinning, but mostly it’s free to act fully as a cloth mesh, so when the figure moves, the pants leg responds as cloth.

Ok Chipmasque. Thanks a lot!
This explanation seems to be the right one… what I wanted.
I’ll try it and than pos a reply to tell if works.
Thanx again.

PS: OOPs… Dear Moderator, sorry for posting in “News and Discutions”… I see it has been already moved… it wont happend again.

No problem, you’ll just get more useful answers here with all the drivel filtered out.