Clothing simulations problem? - Tearing Helpblends


I tried using the clothing simulation. I created the clothing around the mesh. The cloths seems to fall some distance from the mesh around. I’m trying to figure out if it is a origin problem? I will upload a mesh later.

I then tried a plane subdivided square on top of the mesh. That dropped correctly.


The blend is here

Sorry to say I tried your scene and I made all the changes which I could think to, but I don’t succeeded, it doesn’t collide, no clue.

We hope for someone more experienced than me.


It’s throwing me for a loop also. I tried centering the geometry, applying scale and rotation, and pulling my brain apart. It didn’t work.

Hi, All

I was able to get the cloth to stay put. I’m lost because its now tearing. I’m trying to figure out the solution. The blend link is in the initial message.

Here is a snap shoot.