clothing to bones with an excuse hee hee

I know that I ask question that everyone should know, but at age 76, I try my best. I not only do animations (try), but I also have a public access tv show that keeps me busy with video editing, so I do not solely devote all my time to Blender.

I have a model with leather vest and leatgher leggings, I put bones on the body. I leggings are parented to the body mesh and the whole mesh moves accordingly, but when I have bones, how do I get the leggings an chest leather plate to move with the bones?

from the sound of it, you’ll probably need to rig the vest and leggings using the same armature that’s deforming the body.

it can get a little tricky to rig a thing exactly the same as something else underneath it without seeing intersections, so you can also use mask modifiers for parts of the body - ie., whatever will be under the clothes can be masked when rendered so that you can pose the model without having to worry about seeing intersections between meshes. :slight_smile: