OK. I got the body working with armatures, and now on to the harder part.


Ok. What should I use, clothing that is parented to the armature like the body or clothing draping off the body using softbodie

Both of course :smiley:

Seriously, think of it : softbodies won’t move your clothes when your character walk, jump or whatever. Armatures, unless you’re a genius with the patience of a saint, won’t give your cloths flexibility and collision detection. And you may also need some shape keys for when collision detection is not accurate enough, unless you’re ok with a hight poly count and have the patience of a saint…


softbodies alone are very poor in simulating real clothes, since they miss some properties
I. material memory ( if you fold a piece of paper it stays more or less folded )
II. stickyness ( colliding softbodies glide along surfaces with no friction )
III. bending elasticity
IV. no untangeling ( self intersection, i often hear ‘when there is collision detection why not add 2 lines of code to have self collision detect …’
well if it was that easy i would have added that 2 lines , promised … pitty though it is not. )

and others

some ‘hybid’ examples there -->


set up your cloth over character in rest position
set up character to deflect
bake the cloth to get the rest position
minimise character model (remove mesh under clothes, etc.)
apply armature to bend it in meaningful ways :wink:

bjornmose - more shamless plugs needed for your speed improvements in softbody simulation. 10+ times faster softbody simulation - allows for complex deflectors…