I have found no clothing tutorials at all. I need to create two very cool medieval pirate outfits, one male, one female. One problem I have is with pants - can I even use the cloth simulator to make wrinkles and folds or do I have to model them? What techniques do you use?

you can use the retopo tool to model the clothing, then use a combination of shrinkwrap and cloth modifiers. you can also sculpt the initial wrinkles in, or use the cloth modifier to create them.

Yeah i would use shrinkwrap then cloth modifier of course, a little wind and boom.

So you’ve told me the methods, but how do I use them? What does retopo mean? I’m guessing the shrinkwrap modifier wraps one mesh around another, am I right? I suppose I could sculpt the wrinkles, but it seems like the cloth modifier would be easier. I can easily get wrinkles for flowing garments with it…but pants? How?
What do you mean by a little wind and boom? Empties with a wind force field? I’ve never used them before.
Perhaps I just need to plow into it. Tutorials can’t teach me everything.

Actually at Blendercookie there is a tutorial on cloth modifiers and wind hidden deep in the archives. I believe Jonathan Williamson made this tutorial. Just go to blendercookie and look up all the tutorials he did and you should find it somewhere. This is where i learned how to do it.

Yay i found it!

Although the method is a good tactic to use, there is a better one. Look for Hexagon 3D Tutorials on Youtube. They actually show step by step on how to make clothes. That’s what I use for make my clothing for my characters.

THank you all. I will go tutorialing.