Clothsimulation and rendering with Luxrender


This is probably the dumbest question, but I just can’t figure it out how to do it.

I’m playing around with Luxrender, and have made a scene with a piece of cloth that falls down. I want to render the scene when the cloth have fallen down on the plane, but how do I render just that frame X in Luxrender?

Just go to that frame and click “Render Image”, same as you would with Blender Internal.

That don’t work. LuxRender renders just frame 1 in the “animation” - but I want frame 30 to be rendered, as this is the frame that the cloth have fallen down to the groundplane.

Make sure you are using the latest version, or get one from graphicall

I downloaded r38504, and using LuxRender 0.8.0 - still LuxRender won’t render the frame that I want - just frame 1.

Are you sure your cloth and subsurf modifiers are set as renderable? Because it works fine for me.

Btw, try it in BI as well, see if you get the correct result there. If you don’t, it’s a problem with your scene setup, not Lux/Luxblend25

Both modifiers are set to renderable.

BI = Blender Internal renderer? I now see that I actually have the same problem there… I have done this before, and then it worked just by choosing the frame after baking and than hit F12.

What could I have missed this time?

Hmm…maybe the render level on subsurf is still at 2, while the view level is something higher like 4?

Strange… I recreated just the cloth, baked it just the same way - and now it works!