Cloud 8

(Goo) #1

This was my entry for the weekend challange, but no one seems to like it very much, so I’m wonder what you all think needs improving. Thanks.


(hannibar) #2

It’s nod a badepic, it just needs a lot of improvement.

  1. The background pic is very blocky. By setting a texture in the world buttons, you can’t filter the texture. To solve this problem : make a big sphere, and apply the background to the sphere.
  2. The smoke on the left of the pic isn’t right. Some parts of is are plain white. Try to lower the ‘add’ value .
  3. The lighting is a little to weak. I can’t see details on the black buildings.

Thats all I can think of right now.

(harkyman) #3

Nothing’s really wrong with it. In comparison to rixtr (whom I voted for), though, it lacked drama. Also, the long view has things looking very Sim-Cityish. A picture like this looks very cool when it’s photoreal, because something like this obivously can’t exist, and yet in the image, it seems that it does. To successfully pull this off, you need to have that going for it, which your does not quite have (IMHO).

(ectizen) #4

It might help to remember that under the current system, people aren’t voting to say “Your picture is or isn’t good”, they’re voting to say “Your picture is or isn’t the best”.

Consider this: Who did you vote for? Last time I checked, there were 2 people out there who thought that your entry was better than the one you thought was best! (Unless you voted for yourself :wink: )

For me, the background sky in your image brings it down. It’s blocky (as hannibar mentioned), it doesn’t meet the horizon well, and the colour contrasts too much with the foreground clouds. For a scene where the background sky is such an important part of the image, I think it needs more attention than you gave it.