Cloud 9 - Full game now available!
Humphrey the sheep was having quite a normal day, until he suddenly noticed that the clouds were falling out of the sky! So, like the brave sheep he is, Humphrey takes it upon himself to collect the clouds and restore them to their rightful places in the sky. Little does he know how difficult this task will be…

Well, the game is fully playable and I’m calling this BETA 1.

There are 4 levels, should be around 15 - 20 minutes of gameplay. Be warned: the last level is very difficult!

To download the game (.blend) go to:

I’ll be posting an .exe shortly.

Update (12 Sept 08): 2 New Levels

Hi guys, back again. There are now two new levels. WIthout giving too much away, here’s a new screenshot:

++++++++++++++++++++++GAME DOWLOAD (FULL GAME)++++++++++++++++++++++++
.blend (BETA 1)

You’ll need 2.47 to run.

+++++++++ DEMOS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
To download the demo, click here.
Demo is of the first level only. You’ll need 2.47 to play.

You’ll need the 7Zip unzip utility from to open the archive, after that it should be plain sailing!

Enjoy, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please comment.


~ Alex

Looks awesome, I am downloading…

edit: man that’s AWESOME! The grass in front of the camera needs work, I can see the bottoms on it and stuff. But it rocks!

Very nice, but it would be better if it wasn’t about a cheep. A wolf fox deer or something would be cooler.

Na, the sheep is more than perfect.

Keep the sheep.
Here’s a mirror: 9 Demo.7z
For some reason the clouds didn’t show up. I did notice that the cloud texture is there. No pink objects whatsoever. I just can’t see the clouds. On which layer are they stored?

- AniCator

looks awesome, I like ur style… downloading

EDIT: Just tested the game, it´s awesome as it´s looks, u did a great work on that very simple gameplay-concept.

tb1alexc is at it again. :rolleyes:. You are turning out to be very, very good at this. I don’t think anyone would have expected this work from you 8 months ago when you first posted in the game forums. Just look how far you’ve come.

I don’t have time now, but eventually, I will download and play your game. It looks great.


Thankyou everyone, it’s great to have some good feedback. I don’t have much time now (before school) but I’ll try and answer a couple of those questions / problems:

  • JesusFRK, thanks, I will sort those planes out.
  • Zarnik, thanks, but sorry, he will stay!
  • AniCator, thanks for the mirror! About the clouds not showing up, that seems to be a strange problem as they seem to be showing up fine for everyone else. Make sure that you didnt activate layer 19, as that’s the layer they’re stored on. What build of blender are you using? This was made in 2.47, so if you’re not using that, that may be the problem.
  • Thanks Mr_Yeahman! I like simple games, no mind-boggling coding!
  • Thanks Nick! In all fairness, I didn’t think I’d be doing something like this 8 months ago. I thought I’d still be stuck on 4X4! But like I said before, I’ve enjoyed making a simple game with (I think) cool graphics… and it’s not done yet, there will be more!Thanks guys!

I really love the cut scenes! I can’t wait to play the finished game.

edit: you might want to update your website. you don’t have that you finished 4x4, only the beta.

to make people not install anything, try making it SFX, (RMB, 7z, Add to archive, tick SFX)

hey…wait a minute…is your lives bar the Windows media center edition active window bar just recolored? Because i’ve done that before and it sure looks like it ;]

Thanks for the tips guys!

Makin BAcon, no I made it from scratch, but now that you mention it it sure looks like it!

( Bump for the new screenshots and info, see post 1 for the updates! )

nicely done. :wink:

Oh, just a quick tip, I would recommend using a starburst gradient for the fire on your ship.


also use low quality oggs formusic and sounds (it’ll be even more smaller than mp3s. wavs>mp3>ogg (for the sme lenght)
you can download Audacity ,go inpreference and drop the ogg quality to 0 and it will still sounds good, then export in ogg.

Hey great game,
I was amazed when I went to look at you code only to find all that done with logic bricks, I thought it was python for sure when I saw the cut scene. Nice job, I can’t wait for the demo with lvl 2 in it/

Loks cool, where is the new demo?

Okay guys, bump for the full game. Take a look at post 1! Any bugs you find, please report. ANd yeah, the story is a little strange and simple, but heck, it’s fun :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! I’ll download ASAP!

I couldn’t do the final level, nearly go there though.

Some problems:

Some times when I got hit by the laser on the last level it wouldn’t play the noise that play when you get hit.

Also, the +1 and -1 strings that come down when you get a cloud or lose a life are constantly on the screen, see the attachment.