Cloud addon

Hi does anyone know if the cloud generator add on for blender 2.7
works with blender 2.8 and if so where can i download it , as its not in addons in preferences cheers for your help

hi, it’s in nightly builds addons contrib. it’s not working yet. If you change the bl_info to 2.8 you can see where I stalled repair.

thanks for the heads up, any idea if or when this addon will go live in 2.8?

I’m really not sure, if it get’s updated before 2.8 it will get in. I’ll try to find time but have my own addons to update in blender also. Certainly I would like to see it back in some form.

thats great to hear will keep a eye out for it… again thanks for the reply what addon are you working on out of interest?

I’ve been working on quite a few, from spacebar menu , camera rigs, general bug fixing. Trying to rewrite the mesh edit tools addon… the list goes on…

camera rigs that sounds interesting, if you have time check out the way i use cameras and if you have time tell me what you think and or if you are thinking of doing something similiar…