cloud fly through

Hi all,

I’m trying to render a cloud fly through. I’ve read some of the messages on this site about how to make clouds and decided to try it using particles. Still needs some work. Here is an image, and I’ll update with a video.

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Ok, here is a short clip.

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Not exactly what I wanted but close, I’ll work on it some more.

ooooooh pretty

Alright, tried it again tonight.

This is a little spin around the clouds to show their dimension.

xvid codec, if you don’t have it you should get it.

Click here to watch blender-clouds

crits welcome.

I didn’t like the particle clouds so I’m trying with animated cloud textures.

Click here to watch clouds5xvid

I also did a wave animation with displacement texture and particle dupliverted floating boxes. Not sure where this will end up.

Click here to watch water3xvid

help me improve with your own experiences making water and clouds. I would ideally like volumetric clouds. I checked out the cog website which is very cool.

Great work with louds looks like a time delay camera as for the water try using the game engine (look in the game menu for a clue :wink: :wink: )

what were your settings for thoes clouds?

Hey look! Animated clouds; no particles, no halo’s, or texture mapped metaballs etc
Look at the ground you could substitute it with COG’s animated water.
This effect looks just as well for underwater scenes or better, dust, storms.

David 8)



Are these clouds made from multiple planes? I’m guessing this will be the next thing I try. The last one was only two planes.


The clouds are procedural cloud textures mapped to the alpha channel of a plane. The procedural is then translated in the Z and Y to give the effect of motion.


I’ve never used the game panel, because I’ve never made a game. I’ll look into it, thanks for tip.

I’ve been experimenting with Blenders World settings!
Basicly it’s just a world with textures, mist, ipo’s.

'll post a blend if you can’t work it out. :smiley:


well I guessed that
I was wondering what texture you had used