Cloud generator: clouds with changing shape (and particle transparency?)


I’ve been trying to make clouds that change their shape over time. It kind of works when I create a (particle) cloud using the cloud generator and then change velocity and emission (lifetime, start, end, etc.) settings of the CloudParticles in the CloudMesh object.

E.g. start and end the emission at frame 0 and give the particles a reasonably long lifetime so that they don’t disappear until the end of the scene, then change the particle X-velocity to 0.3 and add a random value of 0.01. Note: The CloudBounds object has to be moved with the particles. This creates a slowly changing cloud shape. It looks like this:

I would, however, rather have a “static” cloud that stays in the same position and the particles within the cloud move in a certain direction. I imagine that it would look best if particles would fade in and out over the course of their lifetime.

There are a couple of posts in the forum about alpha transparency for particles, but when I try to use this with clouds it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Could anyone give me a hint on how to achieve this? Or maybe there’s another way to get to a similar result (a static yet shape-changing cloud).

Thank you!