cloud of points to mesh, fluid visualization

Hi, I am working with visualization problems (fluids, liquid crystals…) in a research center and I wish to know if it is possible to do this with Blender and how.

I have the 3D coordenates of the boundaries who limits the two fluids (one of them is transparent). So I have to represent the shell of a mesh. I have a large amount of scientific data who has been already calculated by another physic scientist.

I have tried the solution of Hans,

it is right (it connect the vertices) but the final appearance is not so good (due to the solution uses too many edges I think).

Can you please tell me if it is possible to do this with blender? if not, can you give me another cheap solution? (I have been told about using VTK + Blender or another open source tools like Paraview, OpenDX…)

Many thanks in advance


The final result could be something like this (or better). It has two sides (each side one color).