Cloud Swirl

Is it possible to make a particle field swirl? Like a twister or something?

Say i wanted to make a glass orb with a Cat eye shape in it, but i want the orb to be all firey inside, how would i do that part? [kinda like Eye of Sauron in an orb]

The full idea is an orb with a fireyness inside centered withing a swirling dark cloud.

Doesn’t have to be animated.

Key points i’m having problems with:

  • Swirled particle system
  • firey look within an object. [particle system contained inside?]

Be really grateful if anyone could give me tips or better terminology for what you think i’m after.

Have you played with vortex fields ?

No i have not. What are they?

The different force fields are described in the Wiki here:

Thank you!

If i have any problems, i’ll probably make a thread for it. :smiley: