Cloud vs Sephy

Ripped from the game, subsurfed, heavily modified, textured, etc…
Rendering took 9 hours - it could be less noisy, but I didn’t care
Scene is illuminated by hdri and 2 meshlight reflectors (red and blue).

It is not a serious project. I just wanted to toy with my favourite characters and see how good they look in Indigo

I hope You like it

nice characters, but, 9hours?? not to much??

lol -good one. -I’d have given you more credit if you actually modeled it.

Indigo has REALLY LONG rendering times. In exchange for realistic lighting, DOF, caustics…

Best game ever!

Now, nice work. I agree D_structorr. If you had actually modeled them, I would give you some extra credit. Maybe a little bit too dark as well imo.


In all honesty not really worth 9 hours of waiting. You could have achieved the same with Internal or Yafray a lot quicker.

…Weelll… the lighting is too stark and too oblique, resulting in horrible shadow problems. The ground… well, the ground looks like lumps. It isn’t textured or even modeled, it seems like a random displacement map, adding to the impression is that Sephiroth’s foot is actually going through it.

Ok, discounting the searing, saturated, coloured lighting, the background is a low-contrast, muddied brown photo, which makes everything like really disjointed and unrealistic.

The only things that are kind of good about this picture, though they aren’t that great, are the models, and since you ripped them out of the game that says nothing for you. Using the game’s low-poly models probably wasn’t the brightest idea anyway.

Also, you could’ve rendered it in blender internal without any loss of quality, because indigo–like everything else–is only a tool, it isn’t a magic ‘MAEK LOOK GUD’ button. You have to actually put some work into the pictures first.

How did you did this - took the models out from game?
I browsed the cds and I couldn;'t find anthing (what didn’t surprise me). I also used google to find something but with no luck.
Tell me! :o

Whichever browser I use, even if I try to open it through another application, the image won’t show up. Could you please upload it directly onto the BB? Ta.