Hello Everyone, i am new to Blender and this is my first time posting in this website, i present you Cloud from Final Fantasy Advent Children My goal wanted to achieve realism without the need of path tracing such as Arnold, Vray, Octane, ect but also create a Real-time visual that is nice to watch so i used Blender as my main work pipeline.

This is Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy Advent Children
A quick breakdown below.


what! you are new to blender its unbelievable you are a pro great work

That’s just amazing :open_mouth:

Thank you very much

Yes i am just new in the Blender community :grinning:

This is Astonishing, astronomical greatness evolved. Shattering Expectations. One who shows great greatness knows no limits.

Heres to you, and all Final Fantasy players. i made this on a different platform, you can play as Cloud Strife (kingdom hearts costume) here