Cloudboy, he wanders across the vast emptiness of the sky and makes it rain at random :smiley: LOLZ

Hehe pretty cute. I just hope he doesnt fall :wink: lol


I like that a lot. Think it’s very stylish.

To me he rather looks like somebody wandering around to repair the clouds, because the stuff in his bag looks like little cloud pieces.


cute! :smiley: i like the face (if those two black thing are the eyes)

lol, thanx for the comments, i might even make an animation with this one…

Heh, cute. The character styling reminds me of this old game called The Neverhood…makes me want to see it animated (hint hint).


haha, geez this guy looks cool. his eyes are great haha

ey! who mentioned the neverhood! that game kicks ass :smiley: if you will animate it, perhaps have a look at the neverhood, you can still get it here an there, for the 12 fps and the clay using makes a great combination.