clouded glass and wine glass cristal

im workng on a chess set background and i want to have clouded glass and really clear glass. does any1 have tutorials, ideas, or blends i can check out for ideas? raymirror and ray tranparent dosnt seem to be enough

I dont know it this helps but:

And one tip… when lighting glass and metal you need quite a few lights… usualy a nice subsurf, a (set) smooth mesh, decent IQR and so on.

If by clouded glass you mean frosted glass look into the following:

1)Cekuhnen’s Frosted Glass Node Setup here:

2)There’s another frosted glass set-up here:

3)Look into the blurry reflections in some of the more recent builds of blender (not in 2.45, but its in SVN)

Other than that play around with IOR and Filter Values. If you really nail those two Blender has some pretty awesome glass capabilities (not realistic necessarily, though).

Node based frosted glass is very slow as I heard.

Use a new SVN, there’s blurry transparency found using the gloss setting.