Clouds and Earth don't blend

I am completely new (sorry!) but so enthusiastic about Blender I jumped right in with both feet. I have followed Andrew Price’s brilliant tutorial on youtube ( on creating a Realistic Earth in Blender and done pretty well but at 18’.53" as I create clouds, follow the directions and render I see my clouds over a black sphere (not the Earth in black) So it looks like my duplicated sphere is not blending with my Earth.
This must be some simple setting problem or error in duplication?
I am attaching three images from my project in one image:

  1. Earth
  2. Clouds
  3. Random shot of my interface.
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help or walk me through the duplication of object and / or combining (blending) these two objects. Why cannot I not see both materials/textures blended?




Difficult to know without actually having your blend file, the screenshot on its own only shows a miniscule amount of the relevant settings that impact on the final result.

Ensure your cloud object is not casting a shadow onto the earth object. In the material / shadow panel enable the ‘Receive Transparent’ on the earth object.

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Thanks Richard - I shall give that a try and let you know.

Not sure if it’ll be any help, but this tutorial:
gives a few things to check to make sure your transparent texture is set up properly.