clouds from durian,, final render is bad,,


i want to try file from durian:
try to render but render final is bad… see here there is color black??

this is original render from durian…


What settings are you using and what version of Blender?

of course!! i’m forget to write version

blender 2.56.1

i dont settings, i wanted to try only… i wanted to see result final render ok?
did you try to render? there is color black same me?

I downloaded it and figured it out:

Go to modifiers and delete the two that say Displace. That will get rid of the edges and solve the problem :slight_smile:

okay thank you for resolve problem. but there are 6 displace for 3 objects this is resolve thank to y!

but i try to compare my render and render from durian:
diverse risult render…
because my render is smooth and render from durian is very hard like detail