Clouds in 2.49

Is there any way to make clouds in the 2.49 version using the particle system? I want to make static clouds (they don’t have to move). Should I be using another tool? I would like to make them fairly realistic.

Well then, first you must decide for yourself exactly what “realistic” means … to you, and to your audience.

You can do rather a tremendous number of things with the node-based compositor that The Implementors have so-graciously bequeathed to all of us, even with comparatively simple input geometry. (Your task is simplified by the fact that the clouds don’t have to move.) But it all starts, and ends, with your careful consideration of “just what do you really see when you look at a cloud?” “What says, realistic cloud, to you? And why?”

In 2.49 I have made clouds with decimated mesh verts and a textured halo material. This makes sparse 3D clouds, a bit whispy or smokey.

And there is a good card cloud generator script, this creates a cloud with many camera facing cards, giving the impression of depth.

Finally you can create a psuedo cloud bank by texturing a stack of planes (using an array vertically) with a global cloud texture.
and perhaps the best

There really are many well developed 2.49 cloud techniques that a little searching should turn up just what you want fairly quickly. I just run 2.5 and hit the Generate Cloud button now :wink:

Thanks for all the help! It’s very much appreciated!