Clouds rendering issue Please help, short deadline

Hello community,

I am currently animating a fly through the clouds animation for a television commercial however I am getting some funky results in rendering. I have included a picture and the blend file. Essentially I created metaballs, fused them together and used the cloud generator for each individual cloud cluster. I have a camera moving through them and this is the results I am ending up with.

Picture Example:

BlendFile: (sorry tried attaching file to here but wouldnt take the zip)

If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I cannot figure it out. I hope someone can help me soon though as I have a short deadline for this animation. Thank you!

clean the layers to get only volume objects rendered perhaps, see for camera clipping settings also, would perhpas try without metaballs, didn’t looked at your file.

Ok great thank you for the response. I will try this, I am a bit of a newb however, how do I go about rendering just the volume objects? Where is that option located in the panel? Also… for my camera setting I have clipping set to " Start: 0.001 and End: 100.000" Is that okay or does that need to change?

Do know if my other post actually posted so retyping.

Thanks I’ll try that, but how do I go about cleaning the layers? Where is the option to render only volume objects? Is it on the right hand side in a drop down menu? Sorry I’m a bit of a newb to Blender… After Effects guy trying to get my hands wet in a 3D program haha. Also for my clipping settings in my camera it says Start:0.001 and End is 100.000 what is clipping and are those settings okay? say “The file you have requested does not exists.”

Had this problem a little over a year ago, has to do with overlapping particle domains as far as I can tell. I never got a good answer or solution back then either.

here try this upload. Sorry

Were you able to download my file storm?

…has to do with overlapping particle domains…
Exactly. m9105826 is right. I did play with inserted domains to imitate tree leaves. You get harsh domain boundaries. It does not work like that.

So what do I need to do to make this work? Not use metaballs? there has got to be some way to replicate clouds with the generate cloud effect.

Wait woah eppo!? How did you get that to work???