cloud's swords

hey everyone im new here and i need friends also im a final fantasy fan if anyone out there likes final fantasy im the man for u and i like cloud’s sword he puts together in the movie if u wanna chat about it im me at joebugboy ok well cya or u can send me a message on here so ya contact me

hello and welcome to blenderartists
i also like final fantasy and i have even built my own buster (based on the game not the movie) a thread that might interst you is

well welcome

hay im gay and it soundz like u r 2 :slight_smile:

liek totally send me a pm! \ ^o^ /

You say this like being gay is a bad thing…

You used to be witty, V.

Wrong, I actually do support gay rights.

You used to be witty, V.

Wrong again.

Hey, I also like Cloud’s sword. But I like the one that looks like a key.

In fact, I have a similar key that opens a locket that I keep around my neck at all times. It has the ashes of my mother’s left eye. She’s still alive, but it’s just some times you have to get even.

But I can be your best friend. Blender people on the forums are a fun community. Just go by these two rules and you’ll have tons of friends:

  1. the more irrelevant your avatar is, basically the more sound your conscience is

  2. more posts = more respect.

Whew. PMandwe’llbebestfriends.




i’m liek totally wating for that pm <3

Well, I thought that was pretty witty, bitch:cool:

Don’t get bitchy, bitch o’ mine.

Making swords, yes that’s where every RPG fan begins :smiley:
Hope you make something good out of it :wink:

first off im not gay ok and second thanks for the posts especially the people that had some useful info also if u can send me a friend reply that way we can talk

oh you tease :mad::mad::mad::mad:

  	 				You used to be witty, V.

You’re right, you never used to be witty.

oh that stings :rolleyes:

“Join Date: Jun 2006”

lol ok

You’re damned right, vk. It’s impossible to tell whether sombody’s funny or not if you only been around them for 5 months. Nail on the head there… :wink:

I dunno, seems like “used to be witty” would cover something like, say, 2 years or so, rather than a couple of months, thats all.

yeah, disregard logic and that makes absolute sense. ughh, it was a joke, man. lighten up.

no DAMMIT the internet IS SERIOUS #$%@ing BUSINESS

<serious cat>

in other news:
screw the capslock filter

Oh goodie.
Another hijacked thread by Valar.
Seems like a trademark nowadays.
Time to bring in the serious cat.
Oh, looks like you already did that. Silly me :slight_smile:

Not true… Cyborg Dragon has over 3000 posts and no one respects him. It’s the content of the posts that counts.

VK- Loved the cat pics on cyborg’s last thread lol…

Not true, I respect him. Been there myself. Of course, he’s never said anything to try and piss me off. Maybe he’s done that to you guys, but he just seems like a kid who wants to impress you people. I see no reason to be all bitchy about it, but I guess some people do…