clouds taking to long to render.

im using the cloud script in 2.53 and its taking 1.30 seconds to render a tiny cloud made of 4 small cubes which is a problem since when i tried a cloud 4x that and it it took 9 mins and thats way to long.

system is a amd dual core 5600+ 3gigs ddr2 667 on vista 32bit

if this is normal is there a leaner alternative?
if not then is there a way i can reduce some values or somthing?

You could cheat and scale your entire scene down so everything is the same relative size, but the cloud still renders as fast as it should.

yeah i tried scaling but didnt help to much only gave me about 17 seconds less time. ill try to look more into it.

I agree clouds and all volumetrics take too long to work with in any reasonable fashion.