clouds test

Hi there, :smiley:
wanted to share a little cloudtest ive made and have a few questions. heres the test:

so far i am pretty amazed by the rendertimes of the volume shader,
rendertime was about a minute per frame on an i7. :yes:
i tried to lit it with different colored lights, red green and blue for each axis, but i could not get it to render 100% red green and blue since the shader itself is white, that made it uncomfortable to pick colors in post to post light it.
Is there a way to properly do this? i mean RGB colors for each axis?
another (off topic) question is how can i import an animated camera from max to blender? i tried several ways but non worked… collada with baked keys imports the keys but the cam isnt moving sadly, 3ds also fails here :frowning:
thanx in advance and greetz,