Clouds texture is static

I added blue color to my world background and then I added texture ‘clouds’. I set up options so it looks quite good.

But I’m animating flying jet and these clouds are static. When I move camera & jet clouds are always the same. How I can easy fix it?

The world background options are just for texturing a sphere that hovers around the camera. Fine for a clouds seen from the ground - you can even to some timelapse effects - but not so good for clouds seen from the air.

What I’d do is search for tutorials for volumetric cloud effects.

I’ve used animated clouds I created from following a tutorial here: Not the greatest clouds but they’re mine and they animate.

Here is one way to do it with an image texture for world. Use texture co ordinates map to object instead of camera. Put object in scene like an empty. Put empty in object on the texture node co ordinate. Animate your plane. Your image will not move, but the plane will. I think that is what you are after. Node set up would be texture coordinates to mapping to image texture to background to world surface if you are using cycles. Post a blend file.