Hi everyone, I’m trying to load up a texture plugin. Apparently this one used to be packed in with Blender. It still is, actually. I’m using a Windows build, but it’s still in .c format, and I don’t know how to work with that…
Anyway, I was reading this tutorial:

AHhhhh. Skies 2.

Well, it asks me to get a plugin called Clouds2.dll. Okay… Found it:

Horray! And I thought I had to figure out .c files. Wait–
Okay, I ran into a problem:
In plugin clouds2.dll


I also posted on the plugins forum. I found the .c file, but I wasn’t able to compile it. I’ve compiled very few things, ever. I tried to compile it using Dev C++, because it’s a small, easy-to-install, free program. Returned a bunch of errors. Could anyone give me a literally step-by-step guide to building my plugins? Please? I feel like it’s basic knowledge that people using Blender should have. Could someone also try to send the tutorial to Blenderwiki?

I actually had the problem with every .dll file I got from that website. I tried the waters dll file, also. Error in plugin water.dll. I tried trellis, pie… Error error error. :frowning:

Blender’s plugin API changed recently, and AFAIK all old plugins don’t work any more. [I might have dreamed this, but I’m fairly sure this happened :D]

Just wondering, what version of Blender are you using?

2.48. Thinking about downgrading because 2.48 is weaksaws.

as i know of the texture plugin works in 2.48
it did not work in the first relese 2.48 ( Bug ) but this as been corected in the latest one
and works fine

make certain you use the right one texture and not the sequence plugin

see pic this is scale plugin in 2.48


I’m sorry to ask, Ricky: Do you know how I can tell which plugin I’m using? Texture/sequence?

Anyway, you were totally right. I reinstalled, and everything worked wonderfully.

see this my dir

the could seems to be part of this pugin from blender
unless you are using another plugin which i wold like to know
may be there are more texture available?

see pic cloud2 dll

is that the one it is working as i know of !