Hello, There’s a .c file that comes packed with Blender 2.48 (clouds2.c). I tried compiling it in Dev C++, and it returned a bunch of errors. Now, keep in mind that I’ve only compiled 3-4 programs ever in my life. I think I’m not supposed to just “build”…
I downloaded clouds2.dll from a website that said it was actually the Windows version of the plugin. Check it out here:
Unfortunately, when I tried loading the plugin through the texture buttons, it said:
Error In plugin clouds2.dll.
Anyone got a working .dll file, or could someone please tell me how to compile plugins? :no:
Sorry for being a little ignorant.

I actually had the problem with every .dll file I got from that website. I tried the waters dll file, also. Error in plugin water.dll. I tried trellis, pie… Error error error. :frowning:

There was a bug in the 1st release of Blender 2.48 that prevented this from working properly. It’s since been fixed.