Clown like man....still life...etc.

Some stuff =0) I also really need some opinions on my website! Please visit it! Thanks!

if you want the flower to reach out… . then you need to change the whole angle of the picture… or… maybe make the character to look at the flower… just a little be even, to notice

you could also try to make the flower really extend itself towards the character… not it’s just background.


I truly like the style and feel of the picture.

very good… excellent even!


The second picture is 224.3KB!!! They took a long time to load on my CABLE connection. Please, when you save a jpeg, compress it to about 85%. You could easily lower them to about 25KB with no loss in quality.

nice art by the way :wink:

PNG’s are better, Wiggie.

I really like the boat picture. One crit: the water seems to smooth and rounded for rolling waves. Maybe more sharper, contrasting lines. I’m not gonna tell you to change it, cause I know it’s a pain, but that is my opinion. Overall though, excellent work. :smiley:

Can you post a bigger version of the first picture?

If you want to see a bigger version of the pictures, go to my webpage at

I visited your site, and I found it nice and elegant. I want only to suggest you to decrease resolution of your background picture (flower), and bring it to, for example, 96dpi instead of 200 dpi. A 200 dpi resolution is not useful to view an image on screen (from 72 dpi to 96 dpi can be considered optimal), and it decreases the download speed and brings to an image recalculation to be viewed in a size of 1000 * 628 pixels.

Sorry for my English.

Great display of your artwork. Your artistic style really shines through

Suggestions on the Website:

  • Try to come up with some sort of consistent theme.
  • The “Art Galleries” link takes me to this bright, warm, vibrant, welcoming page that makes all the other pages seem stark, cold and uninviting in comparison. I would choose one look or the other (I prefer more color, but the simpler plain white layout of your other pages has appeal also, if it’s consistent throughout).
  • Since a majority of the images are black&white, I’d suggest a more colorful page layout to bring attention to them. Or if you go with a mostly white page, to put a thin dark border around the images to help lift them out of all that bright white.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions! I will try them!