Clown: Serious feedback pls!

I am new to these forums and fairly new to Blender (about 6 Mo.) so I thought this would be more appropriate here than in the “Serious Feedback” section. Anyhow, my company is comming out with an “EZ” line of products and I want to create a clown to show how “EZ” this line of products are to use. I would like to make this clown fairly realistic and I am struggling with some things.

I am fairly new to facial modeling and would like to know how and where I can improve the face. It seems to look a little feminine to me. (I know the face paint needs work, I just quickly did this for visualization, but I could use comments on the coloring and such)

Also the hair was done with the particle system and to me it looks like it was put in as a post-process. Any suggestions?

Finally, I need bright colors so any suggestions for clothing this clown would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your honest and helpful feedback!

P.S. If you would like a wire-frame I can post one later.


For Serious Feedback post this clown picture here at the “Focused Critique”

( :x I am wondering if there will be a forum for “Churned out crap” :wink: ).

Anyhow, it looks good. I am not sure how much realism you are shooting for, but I find this to be very well done. The hair is a challenge, so I can’t give advice on better way of doing it. Straight hair can be accomplished easier, but the poofy looking clown hair is different. I wonder if there is a python script for poofy hair or Afros.

I tried posting there but I was not allowed to post any images so I came here. (Maybe because I am new to the forums???)
Anyhow, Thank you for your feedback, it is really appreciated.

Any advice on how to make the face more masculine?

Very nice clown! To make it more masculine, I suggest flattening the high cheekbones, and widening the chin.

Great idea! I will try that and post it tomorrow.

You may want the fiber python script.

What kind of crap is that? I was just there ans saw all sorts of images, and yours seems to be serious enough. It looks as though you put a lot of time and work into it. Well, I haven’t posted there yet. I never actually knew it was there (or paid enough attention), because I bookmark the Finished and WIPs and don’t browse around the entire forum.

Ok, one more post before I go to sleep. Thank you for the feedback thus far! I will definately try the fiber script when I get a chance! Here is what more I have done:
The face looks more masculine. (if it’s not enough let me know)
Added eye texture.
Added inside of mouth. (teeth need fine tuning)

Still needs help:
The eyes don’t look quite right to me. I know they are missing eyelashes but I think the shape is still not quite there.
The makeup needs re-done now that I have tweaked the face.
Any ideas on how to do decent clothes that will pose well?

Thanks tons for your help!


It’s good, but the eyes and the teeth are too reflective.

Don’t crowd the camera into his/her face; it makes the clown look sinister.

Maybe you can make the hair darker. I think what makes them look like post-pro is that they lack contrast. Hair near the head should be darker (shaded by the hair from the rim which should be clearer (they receive all the light))

You have the shape of the head well done.

Keep the black eyebrow lines from coming down on the inside so low.
They make the eyes look sort of angry.

The eyes might look happier if the black vertical lines over the eyes where more vertical.

The red smile makeup could go higher in the corners.

The outside corners of the eye lids look like they need to be more pinched closed.

Good luck with your work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good advice so far! Here is an update:

Darkend the hair so it does not look as much like post process.
Eyes are not as shiny.
Added eyelashes.
Teeth are not as shiny.
Fixed makup (still not perfect)
Adjusted mouth (it was too flat)

Still needs work:
Eyballs could use some texturing.
anything you say needs work

Question for any guru who may be looking at this. I haven’t messed with the soft body system yet so I was wondering if it was worth looking into for clothing. Otherwise, what is a good direction to move in?
Also, are there any suggestions on the type of clothing for this clown? I am not attatched to the collar he currently has so a bow-tie or no neck wear at all may work.
Thanks for your help thus far!