my pic o clown C+C please

pic below in zip file

I don’t like the look of the render, because it doesn’t look like it’s properly shaded and it also doesn’t give me the impression of a toon shaded image. It looks like something that’s sketched in paintbrush (especially the hair).

But I like the eyes :slight_smile: They don’t fit into the rest which makes it kinda creepy.

That, actually, is precisely why I do like this piece. The modeling could do for a touch of assistance, but I’m really interested in what the lighting and texturing setup was for this. Are these all procedural textures, or were they uvmapped? What did you do to give that wonderful painterly look?

Creepy. I’m gonna have to side with fweeb on this one. You certainly used unique lighting and shading. I’m not sure what to critique. The face is rough, like it was carved out of stone, but I like the look, so I’m not sure if that was intentional or lousy modelling.

hi Bingo…Bingo the clowno!

Looks pretty demented :smiley:

Even that your intention is that the render has this strange look, I also agree that the hair doesn’t fits well.

Too bad that we are yet to see thickened black edges, besides the contour, with toon shading :-?
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the shading ment to be like that didnt what to make it too cartoon whated demented/sad look wich toon shading gets rid of makes everything too frendly and flat

and there isnt a prober way to shade you shade how you like to shade

improved hair