Cltr-A scale object ?

when I do a Ctrl-A
then select Rot scale
it re adjust the scale of the object in N panel

but I got this 3D object here and when I do that it modify the scale of the object ?

is there a reason for changing the size of the object after a Ctrl- A on rot and scale ?

happy bl


dim1.blend (771 KB)

Hmm, do you have any modifiers attached to the object? If not, it would be best to share the part of the file(specific object in the file) that you have issues with.

no modifiers

I added file in first post

never add a problem like that before
so wondering what could make it do that !

try to apply Ctrl-A with rot Scale and the objet dimensions change to a smaller size

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You’ve reduced the scale on the Delta Transform ( extra scaling applied to the object).
So object properties and set Delta scale to one.

ok did not look at that one !

cause I did not change it at least not directly
so must have touch some sort of keys and it did that

taking note of that effect just in case in happen again !

thanks for this strange tip !

happy bl