CLubSilo Demo 1.0 BETA download

Once you have downloaded the file, double click “ClubSilo_Demo_Setup.exe”
Follow the on screen instructions.

Once the application is installed you will find CLubSilo in your START menu.

You will have the option of launching the following variants:
ClubSilo Demo (640x480)
ClubSilo Demo (800x600)
ClubSilo Demo (1024x768)
ClubSilo Demo (window)

The numbers in brackets are the resolution the game will be launched at, smaller resolution for slower machines.
The last option (window) is a dragable window which can be made to whatever size you wish, with the optimum quality graphics. (Simply maximizing the window will give a poorer result than dragging it to the edges of your screen).

The Quick Start Guide is also available from this dropdown menu. It contains all the info you will need for controls, driving tips and so forth.

An OsX and Linux version will be available soon for download from the link above.

The above site will host updated versions, as well as support.

:slight_smile: PS > There is a BONUS if you complete Green Meadow Speedway (track 01) in under 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and you will then be given access to downloading the next track. As you complete tracks within a set time, more tracks will be unlocked. New cars will also be made available as you progress.

ClubSilo is an ARCADE RACER, not a SIM.

this game is awesome. how did you do the setup file?

! ! ! A M A Z I N G ! ! !

I downloaded it, the cars seems to turn way to strong. so it gets hard to keep it under control. when you car hits theslightest piece of wall it goes flying off like hell. plus there’s no e-brake. the normal brakes seem to fungate as the e-brake, so we can’t drift.

aside of all those crappy comment I LOVE THE GAME!



the only problem i encountered on the first track was that if you hit your nos right before the loop, you go through the loop and get stuck inside the track.

I had pretty much the same problems that Jacco specified, along with some frameOut errors.

The game was not really all that great for me, since my graphics card is not “high end” (GeForce2 MX 400), so the framerate was very choppy even at the 640x480 resolution level. Since my GPU can handle games like HL2 and CSS at very reasonable framerates, I think that the problem may be with either:

1 - The BGE renderer.
2 - Lack of game optimization.

Rather than with my GPU.

This was one of the reasons why I asked if you replaced the higher-poly skydome with a skybox, because even though it may not seem like it makes a difference on your machine, it will certainly make a difference on a lower end one.

Also, an implementation of an LOD system could probably solve many performance issues.

All that aside, the game looks great, and certainly represents what the BGE is capable of.

Good work guys.

my framerate was extremely high at 1024x768.

i have a geforce 7800 gt card.

I’ll bet your framerate was “extremely high” with that graphics card:).

nice, it runs very smoothly on my mr9600 pro. as someone may have said, every so often it turns way to sharp, but i bet that learning to feather the controls is gonna help. good job, thats my first impressions. oh and i got a crash when i went over the edge and didnt get an option to continue.

Game ran fine under cedega. :slight_smile:
Except the intro movie I couldnt see.
I had an excellent frame rate with my Geforce 6.

I have to say tho, the cars felt a little too resposive causing me to crash alot. I’m not sure if it was just me but I felt the cars were abit to light.

I also found that when ever I used Nitro I struggled to keep in a straight line, and kept driving through brick walls.

Other than that excellent game. Cant wait for the Linux version. :smiley:

The graphics aren’t too shabby. I’m doubley impressed that you got an mpeg to play. I’ve only seen that one time before, and I thought I was crazy because I deleted that game, and forgot abou tit for a long time…

The game play is weak. Touch a wall? get turned arund backwards. speaking of going backwards, The game seems confused sometimes about which way is the right way. Keeps telling me I’m going the “wrong way” when I do things like go backwards in the right direction.

I keep finding the AI stuck in walls. What happened to them, I’ll never know. I’d like to see one of these disasters in action.

Secondly, I have a screen that’s 1280x1024 natively. Could you also include that screen size? I assure you my computer can handle it.

there is pretty much no stability control. i got this error: warning scene wrong way does not exist. not removed… BUT BY FAR THE BEST GAME MADE FROM BLENDER!!!

First good work
all graphics is exultant and the intro amazing
but the problem in the control and cars setup not good
control in car racing very important “tray to focus in this one”
I love Full idea and NOS and Camera C
“E” is not logical and the reset car “R” not good
I think no one gat 2.5 seconds with this physic so gave me the secret to get Bonus :slight_smile:
In the end this is beta I think the final will be amazing
Keep up man good work

It looks like a very professional game, and quite amazing the car can actually make the loop-de-loop!



Very, very nice game: easily the best that I have seen done in Blender. I have to agree with the physics complaints that people have been voicing, though. If you touch the wall you get flipped around a lot, and if you get facing backwards (which is not hard to do), it can take a long time to try to manuver back to facing forwards.

i get a car flying over me.

I think the sensitivity to walls is just fine. I think those who think otherwise should try to really drive into a side wall. I’m sure the car will be quite jumpy. Those are probably too heavy on the throttle. Same with the Nitrous, quite realistic for that small of car.

awsome game, five stars from me! I’m sure projects like this will motivate more development of the game engine.

gallery! gallery! gallery!


it makes me laugh to play! while the physics engine seems to be abit to sensative and add. also the AI seems sometimes to malfuntion when the cars drive in snail curves and making accidents on a straight track.
also controlls are too sensative!

however music, level design, etc. are great! the intro is cool.
great to see what you can do with blender!

graphically it looks great ofcourse.:stuck_out_tongue: I was really impressed by the cars and the intro movie…and the level design is solid. It was also packaged in a very professional manner.

Though I do gotta voice another complaint about the crash sensitivity…I like the sensitivity of the controls, but when you hit a wall or car you instantly turn either (almost)90 degrees or completly around. It ruins the gameplay in my opinion. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but its really fun until I barely tap against a wall. By the time you get yourself turned around, the other cars are way, way ahead, and then I just got really frustrated, and quite the game.

Outside of that though, I think it shows massive potential. great graphics for sure, and the gameplay would be awesome if you all found a way to fix that.

I think the sensitivity to walls is just fine. I think those who think otherwise should try to really drive into a side wall.

I have.:stuck_out_tongue: well, a guard rail…going well over the speed limit. My car didnt turn perpindicular to the road, it just has a nasty dent in it now.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would also be cool to choose cars other than minis.

putting ym last thoughts aside and rebooting tis game a couple of times Ii have found out some things.

first: The NoS is really to shabby
second: If you crash into a wall in a personal game you’ll see sparks and just slid on, slowing down and making that “grsssshshshshsh” sound.
third: Say you have taken the first air jump after the looping, if my car turns with its nose to the screen because of the speed…it says wrong way.

The errors of some people we’re not uncommon. sometimes I did’nt geta repeat game. At the finish, the guy is done counting waaay before the game reached 4 in the countdown.

As a reply to Socials message:

HL2 and especialy CSS are rather easy games to handle, in comarision with games like COD2 or BIA. BUT there’s a reason for that.

If anyone is playing a CSS map, for instance de_Port, one with an open sky, have a look at that sky. You’ll see, it has a skybox as, Social mentioned.

The polycount of the sky might not seem inportant in the first place, but if you come to think of the fact that mostly, the best CPU remmomendations are the one’s it compiled on. making the skybox now very important.

Another reason why I should have added a skybox with a low amount of poly’s is because, if you thinks this looks bad, the gamer wont see it if the cars stay steadily on the groud. Gamers will have much more effords in getting the car under control then to get to see whether ist a skybox or a dome.

You might consider compiling the game on a pc with a lower GPU/CPU
I have an Nvidia GeForce 5200 fX Pro and it doesn’t allways runs as smooth as I would want to. Especialy after a restart. Prehaps let the game hold some memory so it takes only a second to get the car in the restart again.

Great potentional and wicked models. All you have to do is split up the indicators and tweak until you really got what you’d wan’t to have.