clumsy ashtray... or something

(pofo) #1

Just a simple little modelling and materials test to get me going again after my exams.
The slight patterning of the background comes from shrinking it before posting. pofo

(Detritus) #2

Those ashtrays are really nice-looking but do seem a little inpractical. Very nice textures, except for the brown one which I can´t figure out what it is. Keep up the good work!

(ec2) #3

Fun models you have there. I really love the textures. You did a good job with those. How about faking GI and/or radisosity?

(S68) #4

Nice models, material and textures… but where is the ash :o ?


(blengine) #5

yes, some ash is needed =D the white one really looks great, good job on these

(pofo) #6

Heh, I don’t smoke, so no ash :wink:
The “ashtray” was made really quick to see what the materials would look like on something irregular in shape (didn’t think of using the monkey).
I’ve been using my old base metals for over a year now so it really was time to make some new.

Here are the materials if anyone wants to play with them (all blender)

I agree that the brown one is a bit strange, I kept it because it looked pretty funny on a sphere. pofo