Clustered Inventory Help

Hello Blenderheads I need some help! A while back I got help on making an a good character customization type of inventory. The only problem is once I start playing the blend it’s all my objects are clustered up and that’s not a good impression. So I’m wondering if anyone here could help me on fixing that? Blend included.


Menu_Selection_Help[Hats].blend (551 KB)

What do you mean? I tested the .blend looks fine to me:confused:

EDIT: So you mean at the beginning everything is just clustered on the head?

Personally however I would use the replace mesh actuator.

Yes that’s what I meant. And I’m not sure how I would use the replace mesh actuator since I pretty much got everything set up to something like weapon switching.

Haha got it, just waiting for the upload. :smiley:

There we go just add an [AND] controller and a [Message] actuator with the subject Deactivate.

Works like a charm :smiley:

Thank you man! That helped out alot!

Well wait, another thing is that I want to save in game of what my customization would be without it disappearing, how would I acheive that?

Sorry I didn’t mean to give out the feeling that I was done too soon till I thought of this! Hope someone can help me out here.

I’ll assume that you want to save the current hat selection to disk, and that you want that selection to reassert itself on subsequent game start (example attached … with some other cleanups).

If you want something else -> be more specific (also, take the time to form well-crafted, unambiguous sentences - it will really help us help you).


PS: Don’t triple post; Ideally, you would take the time to put everything into one coherent submission, but if you forget to put something in, use the edit button to amend your existing post.


Hat_Selection_Save.blend (528 KB)

Oh I most certainly did!.. I’m terribly sorry. Now I just messed around with the .blend and it did save. Thank you for that, Social. Now How could I make it that the hats won’t dissappear when I click on them?

The hats don’t disappear; they are simply moved from one position, to the next.

If you want the currently used hat to stay in the selection ( I guess your store has an infinite supply ), you need to create a copy of the original hat, and move that instead.

Example attached.


HatSelDupliSave.blend (528 KB)

Thank you very much for the help social, much appreciated! :slight_smile: