cmaera tracking movement problem

hey peoples once again, im not sure why this happens, it think its a bug but when ever i play my animation it work perfectly fine and the trackers track everthing i want them to but then when i play it a second time the trackers seem to go off course and not track what ive told them and everthing slides. i may have not explained that very well so i recorded this happening to me in one of my videos.

Lurking here , just curious, what happens when you render, is the tracking good? Also is this using the tomato branch?

when i render it the first time the tracking is good but after everything starts to move around and i render the tracking is horrible + im using the blender 2.61 motion tracker, i dont understand why this happens but when i play around with the time line making it go back and fourth it eventually goes back to normal but not always. its especially annoying when doing tracking and then solving the camera, its hard to know sometimes whether ive gotten a good track

so anyone have any idea

If I had to hazard a guess, you are probably facing some sort of cyclic redundancy. Something is referring to something that modifies itself.

anyway to stop it

If it is a cyclic redundancy then you need to find what is referring back to itself. This was just a wild guess by the way, could be totally wrong! So search for things that are used twice, for example, make sure you aren’t using a moving point as a camera setup parameter. What I mean by that is make sure that the points used for positioning the camera aren’t moving. My approach would be to go back and stop tracking 3/4 of the points and then see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, re-do with using the included points.

Could it be a duplication of the camera tracking constraint or something? Just a thought… good luck.

well i have checked to see if there was a duplicate constraint and there is’nt.
i have noticed that when the markers are working the way i want them to they stay where they are ment to in the 3D view but once letting it play again you notice that the markers are still staying still but move only until you look through the camera. but then i compared the movement of the camera path for both of them and it seems like it might be the path the camera is moving on that could be the problem.

I don’t know if this helps, because some of your movement is very minor compared to the huge leaps my tracks make sometimes. But I noticed just this evening that you can now back the camera motion to f-curves:

I did this, and then went in to the curver editor and smoothed out the problem areas. the tracks that I am currently doing are not ultra-precise (just putting buildings into footage), but it works quite well.