Downloaded the source and lib. When they’re plugged into cmake (as shown below) that error message is displayed. The download was repeated two times with identical results. This process is in accordance with the wiki.

Don’t know if this is your answer, but I’m just trying to help.
I build successfully with this:

Those errors are usually pretty specific and/or helpful, in this case cmake can’t find your compiler.

You followed the instructions on how to build blender on the wiki before asking simple questions I assume?

As best I could. Twice.

In addition to that I’ve tried applying cmake through the terminal only. (It was specified how in the wiki as well).

No luck with either though.

Currently I’m tackling the issue by downloading other versions of the lib.

This might be a daft suggestion, but, have you set your compilers environment variables? On windows that’s the PATH stuff, I’m not sure for other OS’. Usually, well at least on windows, you need a path variable that points to the compilers bin directory so other programs can find it. Some compilers will set that on install, others need you to set it. That could be why cMake can’t find your compiler.

Perhaps some more details about what setup you’re using might identify the problem. I take it you’re using a mac?

Hope this helps! :smiley: