CMir mapping for anything else besides envmaps?

For some strange reason, CMir mapping only works for EnvMaps, as I recently discovered. In older versions it worked with any texture (confirmed with a 2.03 experiment yesterday).

The Ref mapping mode works OK for everything. If the deprecation of this feature was intentional, then I don’t understand the intent, since the envmap differs from the other textures not only by semantic of its output, but most impotrantly by the semantics of the texture lookup (being a vector into environment)

It would make much more sense to allow Refl mapping just for EnvMaps, not to allow CMir mapping just for them. What if I wanted variably coloured reflection varying with surface position? I’d have to use Multiply blending for a texture with CMir mapping and Orco/UV/whatever mapping mode but it won’t work in new Blender versions (while it works in the old ones).

Should I think of this as a bug or as a feature?