cmndline render BI - cameras - output resolution

Is there any way to tell the renderer via commandline what camera to use and what output resolution to use?

I am aware i could link the cameras to different scenes and then render them. but i need different resolutions too on the cams.
And i need to render a whole svn trunk ^^ -> scripted.

So, is there already any way?
Maybe someone with some knowledge of the code can implement it and compile a build if he got time if there is no other way? If i just had the time i would look into the code for once myself ^^ It´s on my todo list now for a year.


Looking at the wiki docs, I don’t see mention of changing camera or resolution, but I notice that there is a -P option to run a python script. I have never tried this, but it would seem that the -P option would run the script prior to rendering. It might be worth checking in to.

Best of Luck!