C'mon guys someone must know


how do i put video intp a plane in 2.48.
the tutes are all for an earlier version where you can set the number of frames.
thanks all

solution version 2.49 (although it says to download python 2.6 which is not obvious on the python website)

you shoundlt realy create two threads but just bump your other one

Cannot try at the moment… have you tried Auto Refresh?

How do i do that?

when your thread recieves a message, the thread gets “bumped” to the top of the forum, which means everyone can see it

so when nobody replied it would not be at the top?

yeah but you can say “bump” in your own thread to bump it up to the top

I have never got video to work at all in Blender on Windows. What I do is convert the video to a series of images and use the sequence with auto-refresh. That works. Also you have to UV map the plane, that is not automatic.

in 2.49 it works now