CNC use and Blender

Greetings all!

I have a interesting issue… I just was recently hired by a company using a Shopsabre CNC machine and a program called Vcarve…

I know this software can import STL format files… and some DXF…

I was wondering if anyone had ANY experience at all working with these programs or other CNC software with blender…

Thank you!!!

Cujo31 :smiley:

There is a g-code plug-in project for Inkscape. Blender > SVG > Inkscape > g-code > VCarve workflow a possibility?

Free Cad has some capabilities to interface with Blender ( most probably there will be more in future but not for now ).

I mention it because you can then use compatible ( maybe there is a more direct way, just do not know about it)

then, there is a simpler way this is a blender plugin to generate g code which is compatible with

linuxcnc ( which has visualization capabilities and is free ).

for linuxcnc see for more

I personally think is a very good addition to linuxcnc - realtime control from any PC ( even windows and mac )

I’m a high school shop teacher and over the summer I’m getting one of these for my classroom

looking forward to seeing if I can work blender into the workflow there
The official workflow centers around Autodesk Inventor but we all know Blender would be more fun

@skurdakov: thanks for the links, some good reading there

I wrote this article some time ago. But you can definitely use Blender in a CNC application.