Co-Code, Node link release, invokes add menu

So, anyone one co-code a python add-on,

the idea is to try and improve the node editor. if you have ever used or seen unreal blueprints, they do a pretty neat trick when you drag a node link and release it, it invokes a add node command.

I want to see if it can be done with python in blender.


  • listen to event
  • invoke

I’ve done some work on a add-on I am gonna release soon-ish after I have used it in a case or production. It’s operator based though, you call it, it does it thing.

I never done an add-on that needs to listen to an event,
anyway thankful for any help. Would be really cool to share code and learn from others and in the end maybe have an faster better node editor.

Maybe a Macro that runs two operators subsequently, then change the shortcut for dragging to this macro… Dunno if it’s possible because of the modal nature. BTW: Did you check out node wrangler?