Co-planer issues

Disclaimer: Please excuse this very basic question as I have only used Blender for a total of 2 days. I performed a brief search and could not find an answer.

I am attempting to make a model starting with a box and then extruding out from there. So far all is well. I am worried, however that I am creating faces that are not co-planer and therefore won’t render correctly later on.

So my question is this: Are the faces really composed of two triangles and therefore I don’t have to worry about whether the vertices composing the face are co-planer or are they actual quads (I believe that is the correct term) and therefore I have to be very careful about how I push the verts?

Assuming I have to worry about whether they are co-planer, is there an easy way to see where I have troubles as well as a relatively simple fix?

Thanks very much.

showing a pic is worth a thousand words

and would allow to see if you have the widget
are you in global mode ?

even if you don’t have it you can always key in X Y or Z to follow this direction

there is a lot of different situations so it hard to know where your are right now!


I believe my question is more basic than you think it is. I’m not asking whether I’ve made a model with non co-planer faces. I’m asking a question about how Blender handles the faces.
Restated a different way, if I take the box that blender defaults to and move only one vert out of eight, am I going to see rendering artifacts due to the fact that I’ve moved a vert out of the plane of a face or does Blender internally deal with faces as if they are two triangles?

Thanks again

AFAIK at render time, all faces are broken into triangles, so you should be okay. If you want to reset a face so that all verts are on the same plane, you can select all four verts, press S to scale, press X,Y,or Z to select the axis, and then press 0 and enter. This will scale all the verts to the same plane on the axis you selected.

Thanks. It looks like I was worrying for nothing.