COA Tools outliner import mesh

Hello everyone.

Big fan of Blender COA Tools for 2d sprite animations:

The only thing which is missing is auto mesh generating.
But there is this tool here:
which auto generates mesh from an image.

Now I have the problem that I am not able to move the generated mesh object from Blenders outliner to COA tools outliner.

Can anyone help me with this?

I managed to set the COA Tools sprite mesh to the Leafig one just by creating a COA Tools sprite (“SpriteObject”), then from the Leafig created object (“Cutout”) setting parent to the sprite object. (Properties > Object “Cutout” > Relations > Parent = “SpriteObject”)

The material isn’t the same as COA Tools uses, but it seems to work outside the sprite properties settings.

Directly creating COA Tools sprite from Leafig by detecting the addon would probably be quite nice to have. I’ll look into it if I can make it happen, but no promises. Seems to be pretty cool workflow. If anyone has a Youtube examples how this goes from the entire pipeline (like for example Krita > Blender > Unity) it would be nice to see.

If you have any other suggestions or problems I’m interested in hearing them.

Hi ambi

Thank you so much for looking into this.
Your workaround is so far pretty great and helps me a lot!

I will to make a video tutorial when I there is the time… for the workaround.

Currently doing a lot of 2d animation inside Blender since its the only way to animate in realtime.
If needed comping is done in Natron.

Currently working on a projection mapping show, no Unity involved so far (was kinda too complicated for realtime animation use…).

Also for this addon your tool comes in very handy.
I have to update the TwoD Physics tutorial tutorial now :slight_smile:

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Shorter version: