Coastal Australian Home

I call this one: ‘Running out of computational power to progress the project any further’

A modern beach bungalow set on an Australian beach scrub. I would have liked to continue this project but the complexity of the scene was beginning to tank the viewport and preventing a stable workflow.

For this project I tried to use trees and vegetation that are native to Australian scrub land. Yuccas, wattle etc.
The lighting setup consists of a Nishita sky, a warm toned sun lamp, and cool toned area lamps at each required opening to emulate that blue-iush sky bounce lighting. The rest of the interior was lit by spot lights from the ceiling lighting.


Nice composition and nice textures. I think some renders are overexposed and there something strange in the perspective. Which focal length did you use?

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very realistic, it’s like I see the real world through my eyes not from the camera lens

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Yeah, some of the shots with interior/exterior were really hard to get the interior bright enough without blowing out the environment.

Focal length is dependant on shot, between 40-80mm

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!