CobbleDraw Thread - A free geometry nodes tool/asset

Launching my first geometry nodes asset: CobbleDraw!
A free tool for drawing cobblestone/ stone-paths with filled curves and geometry nodes!

You can get it for free on Gumroad:

My aim was to make it as user-friendly as i possibly can, and hope the ‘Getting started’ section on the Gumroad page, will really get you started. there are a lot of GIFs i made, like this one:

But, if you have any questions, I’d like to answer them.
And I’d really love to hear your feedback!

Here is a good place to ask questions, give feedback and suggestions, or report bugs and issues you might have.

For Feedback, you could also join my new discord server:
and contact me in the according channel (CobbleDraw)

Cheers, hope you enjoy it!


Hey, this is a great asset, thanks for the file!

On the gumroad page where you have instructions, you mention that you have to apply transformations. However, if you set the object info node with the ground data to relative mode, this isn’t necessary. Blender will evaluate the object in world space.

Secondly, the hdri doesn’t seem to be packed into the file, and as a result, turns the screen that deathly fuchsia color. Of course this is a very picky complaint, but I thought I should let you know so that the project is more presentable to future customers.

Aside from these minor complaints, I have to say the project is quite impressive. Thanks again for freely sharing it!

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Thanks for sharing.

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thanks! very helpful feedback!
Already implemented it.
‘TargetObject’ is now Relative
and replaced the default hdri with Nishita to get rid off the fuchsia-horror. ;D

I though it would be mostly appended, so i forget about, thanks!

Don’t know why i didn’t thought of making it Relative. thats a very good hint! thanks, i appreciate it!
looks way better and more responsive :slight_smile: